Help! I need somebody

I need help. Those words were not always easy for me to say.  They still aren’t a cake walk.  Admitting I needed help typically made me feel weak, incapable, and incompetent.  Concerns of putting others at discomfort for my benefit distracted me from even asking.  However, recent experiences have redefined my perspective on the value … More Help! I need somebody

The Story of a Story

*Originally posted on my website, The Talk Exchange, a facilitation resource for discussion and deliberation. The Void “What even is language, guys?” I recall posing this question to my friends, as we were hanging around one of our apartments getting ready to embark on whatever social endeavor we were undertaking that night.  As usual, I … More The Story of a Story

Building a Community

“So who will be there?” This is an important question.  Why? Because the people are New Leaf.  Yes, we are creating a new physical space, but what we are really building is a community – a collective of individuals who are seeking to do work better, together. Through their work, they are seeking positive change … More Building a Community

The value of mistakes

“Anyway, the point is, almost every startup makes mistakes. The hard part is recognizing and learning from them and then making your company better. Mistakes are allowed. Not learning from them is not.” Those were the last lines in an article I read recently on Forbes about a social enterprise that was continually making mistakes.  … More The value of mistakes

Creating an ecosystem

Traditional neoclassical economics looks at an economic system and in theory, predicts that inputs of land, labor, capital, and technology will result in value outputs.  Solid theory, yes, but we all know it is not that simple.  In reality, the presence of those inputs does not just equal the output.  A + b does not … More Creating an ecosystem