My Story

solo shot

Hi there, I’m Serena.

I enjoy connecting people to themselves, others, and the resources they need to live the lives they want to lead.  I identify as a host, facilitator, and relationship builder.

I value conversations that matter and believe in the power of discussion. (More on my other blog, here). I see a lot of problems in this world, yet simultaneously embrace its potential.  To unlock that potential, I recognize the need for more intentional leadership.  I focus on bridging the disconnects between my self and my Self, my community, my society, and my environment.  I believe in people and what we can accomplish together.

So what’s my story?

Since I graduated from Penn State in 2013, I’ve explored several of my professional interests. Exposing myself to various communities and environments has helped me better understand the work I want to do. I am fascinated by workplace culture and how it affects our experiences as employees. I believe many companies are not emphasizing direct communication and listening skills, which leads to burnout, anxiety and depression, and unresolved conflict. I would like to develop programs and opportunities that support individuals and organizations in their own personal development with the ultimate goal of creating healthy workplaces that value wholeness, creative autonomy, and respect.

I seek opportunities that will help me develop the skills I need to do this work. My interests have had me engaged as…

…currently, a field instructor at Evoke Therapy, a wilderness therapy program that provides physically and emotionally safe and challenging environments for adults and adolescents struggling  with issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, anger and defiance, addiction , and mental health.

…a development associate at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), a nonprofit member-based organization working to support profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.

…the Membership Director at New Leaf Initiative, a coworking office and community hub dedicated to connecting allies, promoting entrepreneurship, and nurturing ideas.

…a contractor for Happy Valley Startups, an online platform that connects entrepreneurs to the local resources they need to grow their businesses.

…a project assistant for the Permaculture Learning Centre at the MorningStar Home on the the Penn State campus, focusing on community outreach, web development, event planning, and social media.

…a counselor and facilitator at Longacre Leadership, a leadership camp for teenagers on a working farm in Perry County, PA, where I co-facilitated Group sessions to teach direct communication, conflict resolution, goal setting, and daily reflection.

…the founder of State of the Soul, a discussion group focused on tackling life’s big questions.

I’m utilizing this blog to chronicle my reflections on the concepts and theories I care about, as well as share my experiences and lessons learned.  I’m learning a full ton.