2 thoughts on “Measuring our impact: The challenges (Part 1/3)

  1. Not everything that can be measured should be measured. This is the challenge you face. Any kind of metrics you put together will not provide proof of success. For example, if I’m reviewing a grant application from a food bank, I won’t have them jumping thru hoops trying to document client outcomes, for any such measure will not be valid. It’s enough for me to know a few basics such as their recipient guidelines and how much food they provide distribute. I am going to assume food for the poor will have some broader impact on individual lives.

    Similarly, you are creating a fertile environment for ideas and initiatives to flourish. How many evolve and what form is beyond your control. You are correct that conjuring up some numerical outcome for the purpose of receiving funds will straight-jacket you into mediocrity. Thus you have to make the case that creating the environment of New Leaf is enough of a benefit worthy of investment. That means developing sources of support not demanding hard quantitative data

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