Bear Necessities: Reflections on The Paradox of Choice

  My mind is buzzing. I have no idea what my life will look like next week, next month, next year. At this point, I have been unemployed for over a month. My mornings brim with excitement, broadcasting scenes from unfolding narratives, each depicting a potential life waiting for me on the other side of … More Bear Necessities: Reflections on The Paradox of Choice

Not all entrepreneurship should be celebrated

Originally published in the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State blog on 11/11/2014: Illustration by David Plunkert. Warning: This post will not make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Last year, I was just discovering the realm of entrepreneurship.  At the time, I was questioning whether I fit into the entrepreneur box.  Rather than fitting … More Not all entrepreneurship should be celebrated

Help! I need somebody

I need help. Those words were not always easy for me to say.  They still aren’t a cake walk.  Admitting I needed help typically made me feel weak, incapable, and incompetent.  Concerns of putting others at discomfort for my benefit distracted me from even asking.  However, recent experiences have redefined my perspective on the value … More Help! I need somebody

The Story of a Story

*Originally posted on my website, The Talk Exchange, a facilitation resource for discussion and deliberation. The Void “What even is language, guys?” I recall posing this question to my friends, as we were hanging around one of our apartments getting ready to embark on whatever social endeavor we were undertaking that night.  As usual, I … More The Story of a Story